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Rushyni Gestão Comercial e Representação Ltda was founded in April 2000 to attend the electrical market segment offering solutions for instrument transformers, insulators and CCM accessories through commercial representative of  Isolet Ind. e Com Ltda.

Initially the commercial ​​activity was based to cover São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro state and  Mercosul regions. Motivated by the success of the partnership and the work done with Isolet Ind. e Com Ltda, Rushyni initiates in 2002 an implementation for a differentiate service of representation, creating the COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT, an ample, differentiate and innovative work.

Through the new service to ISOLET, all Commercial Management was outsourced and Rushyni started operating in Brazil, as well as in the Americas.

This new business model incorporates the whole management of a commercial area of a company, which transferred all responsibility for trade indicators for the management company.  In this differentiated service are included the total infrastructure space, IT resources, management, staff and representatives training, marketing, exploitation of new markets, new products development, national and abroad B2B partnerships.  

The company's strategic business planning are made in conjunction with the board of directors of the contractors company.

Since the implementation of the Commercial Management at Isolet starts, they had a significant growth in the domestic and South America markets, and nowadays has a highlight position and recognized brand between customers and competitors. This work endures and is improved day by day. A fact that shows our working lemma of always seeking business continuity, "The gain must be fair, consistent and good for both sides."

In August 2008 we began to work with Empac as a representative. Empac are a concrete artifacts manufacturer and our work is promote his brand and products at the São Paulo State. Since it starts, we got important supply contracts with Energy, Engineering and Installers companies, once again developing a relationship based on business continuity and a win-win policy.

Our differentiation is understand and exactly meets each company expectations and needs.

Our office is strategically located at Jundiai / SP, the region is crossed by two major highways of the São Paulo State (Bandeirantes and  Anhanguera )  and are also 50km far from São Paulo, Campinas and Soracaba cities, where are located the international airports of Congonhas, Cumbica ( São Paulo) and Viracopos (Campinas).

Working always in constant pursuit of strategic partnerships, where the feeling of all is the win-win, giving all the necessary support to the customer and represented company.

Being a nationally recognized company in Management and Commercial Representation, "Creating" markets and meeting the expectations of our customers and represented companies.


Company             Commercial Management             Representation             Markets             Clients            Contact

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